2024 El Capitán Trips Schedule

All dates are available for private charters as scheduled.
1½ day trips may be changed into 2-day trips.
All reservations are considered tentative until at least a minimum of 50% deposit is received.
Deposits are due within 10-days of placing a reservation.
Book on-line at www.pointlomasportfishing.com or call (619) 223-1627.
Access the PDF version of the complete schedule.

TripDaysDepartsTimeReturnsAM/PMFareTarget Species
12Fri May 1010:00 AMSun May 12AM$785BFT/YT
22Fri May 1710:00 AMSun May 19AM$785BFT/YT
32Fri May 2410:00 AMSun May 26AM$785BFT/YT
42Fri May 3110:00 AMSun Jun 2AM$785BFT/YT
52Fri Jun 710:00 AMSun Jun 9AM$785BFT/YT
62Fri Jun 1410:00 AMSun Jun 16AM$785BFT/YT
72Fri Jun 2110:00 AMSun Jun 23AM$785BFT/YT
81.5Tue Jun 256:00 PMThu Jun 27AM$595BFT/YT
92Fri Jun 287:00 PMSun Jun 30PM$785BFT/YT
101.5Tue Jul 26:00 PMThu Jul 4AM$595BFT/YT
112Fri Jul 57:00 PMSun Jul 7PM$785BFT/YT
121.5Tue Jul 97:00 PMThu Jul 11AM$595BFT/YT
132Fri Jul 127:00 PMSun Jul 14PM$785BFT/YT
141.5Sun Jul 147:00 PMTue Jul 16AM$595BFT/YT
151.5Tue Jul 167:00 PMThu Jul 18AM$595BFT/YT
162.5Thu Jul 187:00 PMSun Jul 21AM$960BFT/YT
171.5Sun Jul 217:00 PMTue Jul 23AM$595BFT/YT
181.5Tue Jul 237:00 PMThu Jul 25AM$595BFT/YT
191Thu Jul 257:00 PMFri Jul 26PM$395BFT/YT
202Fri Jul 267:00 PMSun Jul 28PM$785BFT/YT
211.5Sun Jul 287:00 PMTue Jul 30AM$595BFT/YT
221.5Tue Jul 307:00 PMThu Aug 1AM$595BFT/YFT
232.5Thu Aug 17:00 PMSun Aug 4AM$960BFT/YFT
241.5Sun Aug 47:00 PMTue Aug 6AM$595BFT/YFT
251.5Tue Aug 67:00 PMThu Aug 8AM$595BFT/YFT
262.5Thu Aug 87:00 PMSun Aug 11AM$960BFT/YFT
271.5Sun Aug 117:00 PMTue Aug 13AM$595BFT/YFT
281.5Tue Aug 137:00 PMThu Aug 15AM$595BFT/YFT
291Thu Aug 157:00 PMFri Aug 16PM$395BFT/YFT
302Fri Aug 167:00 PMSun Aug 18PM$785BFT/YFT
311.5Sun Aug 187:00 PMTue Aug 20AM$595BFT/YFT
321.5Tue Aug 207:00 PMThu Aug 22AM$595BFT/YFT
332.5Thu Aug 227:00 PMSun Aug 25AM$960BFT/YFT
341.5Sun Aug 257:00 PMTue Aug 27AM$595BFT/YFT
351.5Tue Aug 277:00 PMThu Aug 29AM$595BFT/YFT
361Thu Aug 297:00 PMFri Aug 30PM$395BFT/YFT
372.5Fri Aug 307:00 PMMon Sep 2AM$960BFT/YFT
381.5Tue Sep 37:00 PMThu Sep 5AM$595BFT/YFT
392.5Thu Sep 57:00 PMSun Sep 8AM$960BFT/YFT
401.5Sun Sep 87:00 PMTue Sep 10AM$595BFT/YFT
411.5Tue Sep 107:00 PMThu Sep 12AM$595BFT/YFT
422.5Thu Sep 127:00 PMSun Sep 15AM$960BFT/YFT
431.5Sun Sep 157:00 PMTue Sep 17AM$595BFT/YFT
441.5Tue Sep 177:00 PMThu Sep 19AM$595BFT/YFT
451Thu Sep 197:00 PMFri Sep 20PM$395BFT/YFT
462Fri Sep 207:00 PMSun Sep 22PM$785BFT/YFT
471.5Sun Sep 227:00 PMTue Sep 24AM$595BFT/YFT
481.5Tue Sep 247:00 PMThu Sep 26AM$595BFT/YFT
492.5Thu Sep 267:00 PMSun Sep 29AM$960BFT/YFT
501.5Sun Sep 297:00 PMTue Oct 1AM$595BFT/YFT
511.5Tue Oct 17:00 PMThu Oct 3AM$595BFT/YFT
522.5Thu Oct 37:00 PMSun Oct 6AM$960BFT/YFT
531.5Tue Oct 87:00 PMThu Oct 10AM$595BFT/YFT
542.5Thu Oct 107:00 PMSun Oct 13AM$960BFT/YFT
551.5Tue Oct 157:00 PMThu Oct 17AM$595BFT/YFT
562.5Thu Oct 177:00 PMSun Oct 20AM$960BFT/YFT
571.5Tue Oct 227:00 PMThu Oct 24AM$595BFT/YFT
582.5Thu Oct 247:00 PMSun Oct 27AM$960BFT/YFT
592.5Thu Oct 317:00 PMSun Nov 3AM$960BFT/YFT


  • 1-Day – $395 – Includes Mexican Permits
  • 1.5-Day – $595 – Includes Mexican Permits
  • 2-Day – $785
  • 2.5-Day – $960

Additional details for Open Party and Private Group Charters

  • MARIJUANA – Federal law prohibits the possession/use on federally inspected vessels. Additionally, while in Mexican waters, we must adhere to their current laws and regulations with respect to Marijuana.
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET) of $3.00 is included in the price.
  • Food IS included on all over night trips.
  • Beverages (beer, soda, bottled water) are extra on ALL trips. NO BEVERAGE MINIMUM REQUIRED!
  • Fishing licenses, Mexican Permits (except as noted above), Visas, tackle, fish cleaning, gratuities are extra and subject to price change.
  • Possible fuel charge may apply and will be determined on day of departure.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any kind may be brought aboard any vessel.
  • Absolutely no firearms, fireworks or explosives of any kind may be brought aboard any vessel.
  • In compliance with The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard regulations require all passengers to carry valid government picture identification and present it to any government official, landing or vessel personnel upon request.
  • Call the Landing office (619) 223-1627 for details and possible changes.
  • Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure time for check-in.

Book on-line at Point Loma Sportfishing or call (619) 223-1627